Welcome to the Isle of Dread!

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"Mistakes were made." — Gregor Fryhard, expedition survivor

"We have to go back! Think of the Prophecy! The Prophecy of Zectar!" — Thom Falcon, expedition survivor


Day 1


Purchased trade goods and equipment. A few special gifts for chieftains we hope to impress; loaded gifts and good onto our ship, the NTS Light Fantastic. Sank every penny of our savings into this voyage. It had best pay off handsomely, or we're ruined. Bad sign, high winds towards noon, showed no signs of abating at dusk.

Day 2

Weather remains terrible. Wind changed direction suddenly. If we'd been unprepared we would have lost a sail, and perhaps our way.

Day 3


Winds worse than previous, I swear they're practically gale-force; we would never have sailed if we'd had decent weather forecasts. Shame druids don't exist yet. Wind blew ship onto rocks of outlying island, breached hull, but thank the Four we ran aground on shore and not on a reef. Near main island, have one longboat.

The rocky shore on which we ran aground seems to have been the hunting ground for some oversized seagoing reptiles. We found the aforestated reptiles in a state of irritable hunger, and though we dispatched them, we were sorely taxed. The halfling wishes to make boots from their rough purple-brown hide.

Day 4

Uneventful night. Morning weather milder, sun visible at times. Able to take backstaff reading at dawn. Between that and the halfling's discovery of a volcanic cone spotted from a hilltop, able to ascertain likely position. Decided to row our way to the volcanic outcrop nearby on our way to the main island.

Unexpectedly encountered natives! Six betotem'd braves were casting bones between their outriggers to determine who would "volunteer" to make an arduous journey. We were able to negotiate a trade of service, wherein we perform their assigned labor of gathering obsidian, and they have agreed to help us ferry our trade goods to the central village of Tanaroa.

We have made the acquaintance of a mainland expatriot who seems to have been marooned on these savage shores 4 winters ago. With him as our guide, we marched 10 miles to the volcanic vent, slew some flame-aspected elemental pests, likely some form of feral fey, and gathered the dragon-glass without much ado.

Led the natives and their two outriggers back to our breached vessel, shared the roasted remains of the giant lizards, made camp for the night.

Day 5


Unloaded the rest of our trade goods and the chief's gifts from the hold of the NTS Light Fantastic. Unladen, she looks somehow more fragile, the rocking of her tilted deck somehow a more pathetic spectacle.

We conveyed the majority of our trade goods to Tanaroa, where our expat guide Thom made introductions to the local notables.

  • Mira Hawk, the chief of Tanaroa
  • Chapik Tiger, the Tiger clan leader
  • Huita, the zombie mistress (note: zombies? questionable hygiene)

We have re-supplied and in the morning we will be ready to proceed on to our main objectives of exploration and plunder.

Day 6


After a night of mild revelry, we set forth on the trail to the north. Tar pits are farther than we'd anticipated; we stopped at a reasonably well maintained camp site for the evening. After supper, we were assaulted by a troop of maddened monkeys, carnivorous poo-flinging brutes, and our native guide Thom tells us he heard some form of sylvan fiddling behind their hoots and yowls, so it was likely to be yet another case of mischievously murderous Nature blunting its foolish claw upon the iron of Mankind's resolve. Our resolve did involve some loud noises, however, including a second valence amplification of the wizard's favored thunderstrike incantation, which drew the attention of more cunning fey.

After the dust had cleared, we were approached by a pair of alleged Tiger tribesmen claiming to have escaped evil giant spiders, and urging us to approach the spider's lair by night. We did so, of course. We were preparing to set fire to the great spider's apparent lair when the alleged tribesmen turned into spiders themselves, and attacked us from the rear. Luckily the elf was able to spot their treachery before they could enact it, so we weren't taken entirely unawares, and we made short work of these foul "aranea". Found magical gear among their refuse. Also found real tribesmen, alive, though unwell from having been enwebbed and fed upon.

Day 7

The rescued tribesmen told us how they'd come to be caught in the aranea's webs.

Geru: Well, it was dark, and we were running.
Tiru: Those webs are really hard to see in the moonlight. They just looked like vines in the trees.
Geru: Why were we running in the dark? That brings us to the important part.
Tiru: Saving us was important also, and the Tiger tribe will surely thank you for it,.
Geru: We were running from the wicked cannibal lizard-men.
Tiru: As the proverb says, "Out of the boiling-pot, into the webs".
Geru: Proverbs aside, the lizard-men have themselves a new lizard-king.
Tiru: The old lizard-king was feeble, you see.
Geru: Right, and a feeble lizard-king will find a reason to execute any lizard-man who becomes too strong.
Tiru: Which means the strong ones exile themselves.
Geru: But the feeble lizard-king is gone, and the new one is strong.
Tiru: Which means the strong ones are coming back.
Geru: The new lizard-king hungers for the warm flesh of man.
Tiru: They were going to sacrifice us for good fortune in the coming war.
Geru: … but there were cook-pots right next to the altar.
Tiru: Did we mention "coming war"?
Geru: Right, they plan on assaulting Tanaroa.
Tiru: They made a lot of speeches while waving knives around while we were near the altar.
Geru: Luckily there were other sacrifices.
Tiru: The first one was some kind of tiger-hybrid person.
Geru: That's why we were able to escape. We had time to cut our bindings.
Tiru: The second one was some kind of squirrel-hybrid person.
Geru: There were these sharp green scale-like things near the altar.
Tiru: Lucky we found those, since they'd taken our knives.
Geru: I wonder how the lizard-king thinks he'll get past the Great Wall.
Tiru: Anyway, we'll head back to Tanaroa now.

So, the lizard-king meant to make war on mankind. We vowed to stop him, and probably also kill his tribe, and hopefully also take their stuff. Tribesmen returned to Tanaroa to warn them. We traveled all day through swamps. Everything is filthy and wet.

Day 8


Met a lizardman patrol, slew them easily. Snuck right up to the main lizardman encampment, and smote their scaly ruin upon the swamp-grass. That's how it started. Then their lizard-king came out and brought forth watery elemental servitors and there was much smiting. In a bad way. We left the bodies of the priest and the monk and ran for solid ground.


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This is the halfling's map, which is non-interactive, and was drawn from his experience in a previous trade expedition to this island.

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