Gregor Fryhard

J here. First time in my long and illustrious career playing this game as a single-classed wizard. As most who grew up playing D&D, I am familiar with the spell list, and it was nice to see some old favorites.

Happy to see that MM is back in classic form— at the current damage, certainly a killer app at first level, though with no scaling up I can't see it being valid after lvl. 3 (our playtest level) or so.

I like the flexibility the current spell config offers, as it keeps one from becoming a three-shot bazooka, to be discarded with the gum-wrappers and spilled offal of our enemies until the next day, while the traditional 'vancian' setup just felt "right", and I mean in the moral sense. The flavor of the wizard was there for me, along with the careful weighing and choosing of spells. Love the ritual option for some spells, though haven't gotten a crack at using that feature yet.

More things as they come to me and as the playtest continues.

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