Loot Log

Day 0

XP: 640 (just enough to be 3rd level).

Day 5

Successful trade negotiations at Tanaroa: turned 450 gp of trade goods into 1350 gp of pearls, ivory (oddly shaped), ancient platinum coins, some gold nuggets, etc. Used some of this wealth to equip ourselves.

Day 6

XP total 640 +700 = 1340

Found 320 gp worth of rubies.
Expended 50 gp of wealth for identify spells.


Mex Jones pricks himself and smears his blood on the dagger. The Giant glyphs on the blade's surface glow momentarily, and the blood is magically drawn into the glyphs, making them slightly darker than the blade. The dagger feels eager for more blood (granting you +1 to hit and damage); it also gives you a feeling of confidence that the dagger won't allow this blood to mix with water (the dagger itself floats, and grants you +2 to swim checks while you bear it in your hand or on your belt).


Friar Tekumel holds the eight-inch diameter mirror easily in one hand and speaks the mirror's command word, as Thom Falcon eagerly watches. When you speak the command phrase, the mirror flashes, and from its bright surface speaks a resonant voice, loudly and confidently proclaiming the Prophecy of Zectar's Revenge:

Laid low among the Kopru foul,
Within the plateau's templed bowel,
Zectar's fury sleeps until,
Noble souls fulfill his will.

The mirror is made from a light, flexible, silvery metal that you don't recognize. It is much more difficult to break than a normal mirror, and even though it is 8" in diameter, it is light enough to hold in one hand easily. When activated, the mirror reflects sunlight, even if the sun isn't visible in your current location. You can direct the beam of sunlight as an Action; doing so uses one hand. There may be a deactivation word, but you don't know it yet, and the mirror gets bored and deactivates by itself if you cover it and put it in your backpack for 10 minutes. This form of deactivation causes the mirror to grumble to itself about how Zectar would never treat it this way. The mirror does not otherwise respond vocally.

Day 8

Green Dragonscale Shields

You found two of these shields. They function as normal shields. In addition, once per day a shield can grant its wearer either Advantage on a save vs. Poison, or Resistance to Poison against one attack.

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